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Florida Blue Medicare PPO

As a Florida senior, you’re not alone if you’re interested in pursuing your options with a reliable, affordable Medicare Advantage plan. While there are quite a few choices available, few compare to Florida Blue Medicare PPO for helping you maintain your lifestyle while enjoying the benefits you deserve and can afford. Here’s some information that may help you discover the advantages of choosing Florida Blue.

Flexibility You Need

How important is flexibility in a Medicare Advantage plan? Florida Blue Medicare PPO lets you choose your own doctors and hospitals. Plus, there’s no referrals needed for most services. It’s good to know that coverage is available everywhere in the state and with an extensive network of participating doctors, hospitals, specialists and pharmacies, you’re not likely to have to go out of network or endure higher out-of-pocket costs.

Prescription Drug Coverage You Can Trust

Prescription drugs are a significant part of staying healthy and it’s critical you can get the medicine you need to look and feel your best. With Florida Blue Medicare PPO, generic and brand name drugs are covered with a $0 deductible for generic drugs and $6 drug co-pay. Plus, if you choose to have your medication mailed to you, the co-pay is $0. With Florida Blue Medicare PPO, access to the right medication is easier than ever before.

Convenient and Affordable

Florida Blue Medicare PPO lets you travel with confidence while enjoying nationwide emergency coverage for medically necessary services- regardless of network. Plus, in-network travel coverage makes it convenient to use another Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan’s PPO network. With $0 monthly plan premiums and predictable copayments and coinsurance, Florida Blue Medicare PPO is convenient and affordable.

You have choices in Medicare Advantage plans and you should know that not all plans offer the same coverage at the same rates. There’s a reason why the majority of Florida seniors choose Florida Blue Medicare PPO as their primary health care plan- they’re trusted, reliable and can deliver the benefits you need to continue to live the lifestyle you deserve easily and at a price you can afford.

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