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Mortgage Life Insurance Rates

For many people, a house is more than an investment, but a home for family and loved ones. And while some of us enjoy homes that are paid in full, most of us carry a mortgage. More than likely, your family depends on your income to make the mortgage payment, but if something were to happen, they could be at risk. While no one likes to think about misfortune, being prepared with mortgage life insurance is a smart strategy and assurance  that an unpaid mortgage will never be the reason why your family leaves the home they love. If you’ve decided you’d like to take proactive steps, here’s how to secure the most competitive mortgage life insurance rates.

Choose High Rated Companies for Peace of Mind

While price is a definite consideration when looking for mortgage life insurance rates, it cannot be the only variable. You simply must choose a respected, dependable mortgage life insurance company. High rated providers are well known, trusted and reliable. Plus, in many cases, they are competitively priced. A solid business reputation and loyal customer base makes it possible for stable companies to offer lower rates than those who are just starting out. Besides, depending on the specific terms of your policy, you could save substantially simply by staying with a top provider.

Mortgage Life Insurance Rates Are Not Limited by Your Home Value

Years ago, it used to be that specific mortgage life insurance rates were directly tied to the outstanding balance of your mortgage. Fortunately, times have changed and most respectable companies are willing to pay the original mortgage balance regardless of changes in home value. As a homeowner, that’s great news for you and precisely why you should be able to find a rate that’s best suited to fit your needs and your budget.

Expect Considerable Differences in Cost Between Companies

All mortgage life insurance companies are not created equal and it is always a smart purchasing strategy to compare a few different providers to get the most competitive mortgage life insurance rates. With a little research, it’s easy to find customized coverage that fits not only your specific coverage needs, but your wallet. Staying under budget is possible, as long as you put in the time and are willing to compare a few different options.

Securing mortgage life insurance rates you can afford isn’t difficult. Understand what you are looking at, choose only reliable companies with a great reputations and plan to compare to get the best deal.

Florida Blue Medicare PPO

As a Florida senior, you’re not alone if you’re interested in pursuing your options with a reliable, affordable Medicare Advantage plan. While there are quite a few choices available, few compare to Florida Blue Medicare PPO for helping you maintain your lifestyle while enjoying the benefits you deserve and can afford. Here’s some information that may help you discover the advantages of choosing Florida Blue.

Flexibility You Need

How important is flexibility in a Medicare Advantage plan? Florida Blue Medicare PPO lets you choose your own doctors and hospitals. Plus, there’s no referrals needed for most services. It’s good to know that coverage is available everywhere in the state and with an extensive network of participating doctors, hospitals, specialists and pharmacies, you’re not likely to have to go out of network or endure higher out-of-pocket costs.

Prescription Drug Coverage You Can Trust

Prescription drugs are a significant part of staying healthy and it’s critical you can get the medicine you need to look and feel your best. With Florida Blue Medicare PPO, generic and brand name drugs are covered with a $0 deductible for generic drugs and $6 drug co-pay. Plus, if you choose to have your medication mailed to you, the co-pay is $0. With Florida Blue Medicare PPO, access to the right medication is easier than ever before.

Convenient and Affordable

Florida Blue Medicare PPO lets you travel with confidence while enjoying nationwide emergency coverage for medically necessary services- regardless of network. Plus, in-network travel coverage makes it convenient to use another Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan’s PPO network. With $0 monthly plan premiums and predictable copayments and coinsurance, Florida Blue Medicare PPO is convenient and affordable.

You have choices in Medicare Advantage plans and you should know that not all plans offer the same coverage at the same rates. There’s a reason why the majority of Florida seniors choose Florida Blue Medicare PPO as their primary health care plan- they’re trusted, reliable and can deliver the benefits you need to continue to live the lifestyle you deserve easily and at a price you can afford.

Understanding How Estate Planning Could Help You

Even in today’s uncertain world, many people still do not fully realize the benefits that estate planning could have for them. Below are three benefits that even simple estate planning could give to every person.

Peace of Mind In Case of the Unexpected.

“Many people assume estate planning is only for the old or terminally ill, ” says Robert Morris, a leading probate attorney in Las Vegas. “However, in truth, it offers people of all ages peace of mind should they unexpectedly become injured or pass away, ” he continues. This is especially true for those who have a family. It allows you to be sure that your family is cared for and that their needs are met.

Allows you to maintain control of final decisions.

“Having an estate plan in place in case of an emergency allows you to maintain control of decisions should you become incapacitated,” states Morris. Estate planning not only includes wills, but can also include necessary documents such as a health care surrogate, a document in which you name an individual to make medical decisions for you should you become incapacitated, as well as a power of attorney which allows you to give your spouse or another person legal authority over financial or legal decisions. There is a wide variety of other documents that can help you prepare for the welfare and custody of children, inheritance, and final burial expenses.

“Perhaps most importantly to many people, by planning for your estate now, even if nothing should ever happen, you can dictate what becomes of your assets, make clear your desires, and care for loved ones. If you do not have an estate plan set it in place then the state has laws that will dictate what will happen to your children, your money, and your desires and wishes will not be taken into account,” says Morris.

Estate Planning Could Save You Money

While its true that estate planning, particularly advanced estate planning, does cost upfront, it can be as low as a few hundred dollars for a complete estate package for a husband and wife.

Having a plan in place to identify people of importance, who and who will not make decisions for you, and all other relevant information, can save your estate tens of thousands of dollars in court and attorney fees. Especially in the case of custody battles, will protestations, and probate requirements.

Have a Burial Insurance Policy at a Minimum

Not everyone has life insurance, and many people have legitimate reasons for not having it. People who do not have any dependents may feel like they have no need for life insurance. Other people may feel like they do not have money to spend on a life insurance policy. However, everyone should take some time to consider the benefits of investing in a burial insurance policy.

Cost of Funerals

Inflation has greatly increased the cost of the typical funeral. A few decades ago, the average funeral was around $2,500. These days, the prices have more than doubled. The average funeral now costs around $6,700, and the prices will likely continue to quickly climb in the future.

People who want to be responsible will provide the money to pay for their own funerals. Failing to do this leaves their families a great burden. When a family has financial stress added to the emotional stress of losing a loved one, it is truly unfair. That is a great reason that everyone should take advantage of a burial insurance policy.

An Economical Option

One of the most common reasons that people without life insurance cite for not having coverage is that they cannot afford it. While it is true that traditional life insurance polices can be expensive in certain situations, that is no reason to avoid the safety net of a burial insurance policy. These burial insurance policies are very economical. Making just a small investment in one of these policies will give people peace of mind about their deaths. They will not have to worry about leaving a financial burden when they pass.

Prepayment for a Funeral

Some people think that they can alleviate the financial burden of their deaths by prepaying for their funerals. While this is a nice idea in theory, it does not always work out well in reality. There are legions of horror stories about people prepaying for their funerals, and then their survivors are hit with additional fees and charges when the time for the funeral arrives.

That is why it is so much smarter to simply purchase burial insurance. A burial insurance policy will cover all the costs of the funeral, ensuring that the survivors will not have to deal with any financial hassles in the midst of their grief. It is the economical and responsible choice for people who do not want to purchase traditional life insurance policies.

Obamacare Frauds

With Obamacare scheduled to officially go into effect in 2014, tons of scam artists are attempting to cash in on the confusion in the general public around the new health care law. The Federal Trade Commission has reported an uptick in complaints about scammers posing as agents from Medicare and attempting to collect personal or financial information from unsuspecting seniors. A few things you should watch out for.

Apparently, one of the most popular frauds being committed is telling Medicare participants that they will need to have a new special “Medicare card” under the new law. If they do not acquire this card, they will not be eligible for Medicare benefits. They then request personal and financial information over the phone to pay for the new card. Other fraudsters are telling people they need to provide personal as well as financial information to prove that they are legal citizens in order to receive their new Medicare card. If they do not provide the information, they are told that their Medicare benefits will expire.

Here is what you need to know.

First of all, Medicare will never call you. Ever. If they need something from you, they will notify you by mail only.

Second, there is new Medicare card under the new health care law. In fact, despite what these fraudsters will try to tell you, Obamacare changes very little about Medicare.

The other big scheme that seems to be going around is misleading insurance sales. There are insurance agents telling people that they are going to lose either their Medicare benefits or lose access to their doctors because of Obamacare. They convince them instead to sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan. The insurance agent then collects a commission on the new plan, even though the beneficiary had no reason to change insurance coverage.

Similar to this, some people are posing as insurance agents and doing the same thing. These fraudsters then outright steal the insurance premiums, and the unsuspecting consumer actually has no insurance coverage.

Just remember, as with all things, if something does not feel right, err on the side of caution. Take a step back. Contact another professional or two in the field and tell them about the situation. Do not let these fraudsters take advantage of you.


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